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A Father Saves His Son's Life

“Last November while on vacation, my 5-year-old son stopped breathing for reasons unknown at that time. The fact was that he was unconscious and not breathing. His lips turned blue, and his eyes were wide open. He had his teeth clenched. Without delay, I gave him CPR on the floor… Then I saw him coming back with a gasp. His lips started to turn back to normal color. He came back conscious and by the time paramedics arrived, he was breathing on his own, just looking sleepy… It’s been three months and he has been having a normal life. He’s going to school and playing football. I’m sharing because I feel fortunate and grateful to have received training from you multiple times. Even when I didn’t follow the drills by the book, somehow I knew what to do and I reacted positively and timely and used all the tips received during training.”


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