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Chest Compressions and Hand Placement

"Cardiac arrest is among the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide. This life-threatening emergency occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump blood through the body due to an inadequate or absent heartbeat. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the most dramatic occurrence of cardiac arrest, can happen with little to no warning at all.

Therefore, it’s crucial for the general public to have a basic understanding of how to respond during a cardiac arrest emergency — either through formal CPR training or by knowing compression-only CPR (sometimes called hands-only CPR).

In the chaos of an emergency, even trained bystanders can hesitate or question if they have the correct hand placement for chest compressions, especially when providing care to young children or infants.

As we highlight the importance of CPR and AED training during Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month — as well as year-round — let’s review how to position your hands for CPR."

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Rockwall CPR is an ASHI certified training center.


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