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Dallas ISD PE teachers credited for saving student's life

What a great headline an save!

This is a wonderful outcome.

Did you know that teachers in Texas are NOT required to be CPR certified?

Only school nurses, marching band directors, physical education teachers, sports coaches, and cheerleading coaches are required by the Texas Education Code to be CPR certified.


id you know that there are NO requirements for leagues and clubs to have AEDs or trained personnel in the Texas code? Does your child's league or club mandate that coaches be trained in CPR and that an AED be present at every event & practice?

The Texas code does NOT REQUIRE that an AED be available at a UIL sports PRACTICE? "To the extent practicable, each school district, in cooperation with the University Interscholastic League, shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that an automated external defibrillator is available at each University Interscholastic League athletic practice held at a district campus. If a school district is not able to make an automated external defibrillator available in the manner provided by this subsection, the district shall determine the extent to which an automated external defibrillator must be available at each University Interscholastic League athletic practice held at a district campus."

The Texas code requires that only ONE person be trained in the use of an AED? "Each school district shall ensure the presence at each location at which an automated external defibrillator is required under Subsection (a), (b), or (c) of at least one campus or district employee trained in the proper use of the defibrillator at any time a substantial number of district students are present at the location."

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