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Foster and Adoptive Care

We are frequently asked this question:

Can I take an online CPR and First Aid Class as part of the Foster Care or Adoptive Parent Texas Department of Family and Protective Services requirements?

The short answer is no.

Section §749.987 of the Texas Child Care Licensing Standards states, "First-aid and CPR training and re-certification must consist of a curriculum that includes both written and hands-on skill-based instruction, practice (for CPR, the practice is through the use of a CPR mannequin), and testing."

Another important point is that the "CPR training and re-certification must include CPR for infants, children, and adults."

The training we provide at Rockwall CPR meets all the above mentioned requirements.

And, as per §749.989, we provide you with the proper documentation of your certification.

Schedule your Rockwall CPR and First Aid Certification course today! Call 214-531-7939.

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