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Risk Management & Safety Consulting: Case Study #2

Type of Organization: Food Processing Plant

A manager of a food processing plant contacted me to teach CPR & First Aid to their Associates.

I taught 3 classes and during these classes many interesting issues and concerns were identified and discussed. I then discussed these with the plant manager who contacted me. He brought these concerns to a leadership meeting and these concerns were addressed.

One interesting safety concern that came up was the fact that there were several areas just outside the plant that were infested with Black Widow spiders! These areas were accessed by certain associates on a regular basis. They were already using a pest control service, but the both the frequency and thoroughness of the service needed a big boost.

These safety issues are important from not only a safety perspective, but a legal one as well.

"Doctor Steve trained several Large Groups of my Associates, from Machine Operators and Sanitors all the way up to Mechanics and their respective Supervisors and Managers. The Feedback from the Classes was always great. My Associates spoke highly of Dr. Steve's approach and told me that he made them think about Safety in new ways and encouraged them to question the status quo. I would recommend Dr. Steve to anyone that is looking for solid CPR/First Aid Certification Training. I will certainly do Business with him again in the Future!" M.S., Production Manager

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